About us

Kent Bereavement Advice Service's (KBAS) website and helpline are available, free of charge, for anyone affected by the death of someone significant to them whether the death occurred in Kent or the person who died lived in Kent or the bereaved person lives in Kent. People planning for the end of their own lives or expecting a bereavement are welcome to call, as are professionals and volunteers who support people around the time of death.

The service has been created through a partnership between Kent County Council (KCC) and Simplify which provides Bereavement Advice Centre to improve access to information at and around the time of death.

We provide information and advice on all the practical issues that face people around the time of death. We have a wide variety of information at our fingertips but if we do not know the information you need, we will research it and call you back or give you contact details for the appropriate expert help. We can also help you find the best support organisations for your circumstances but we do not provide counselling services.

Kent Bereavement Advice Service's Code of Conduct can be found by clicking here.

On some pages we have used documents created by Bereavement Advice Centre.

Please note that KCC does not endorse any commercial probate services including any introduced by Simplify. You are under no obligation to use any service introduced by Simplify when accessing Kent Bereavement Advice Service.

KBAS is not responsible for the content of external websites linked to this website, or any advice given by external providers linked on this website.