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REVISED What to do when someone dies A practical guide

This is a 40 page A5 sized booklet which provides practical information for the bereaved from the moment of death, through the issuing of a medical certificate or referral to a coroner, registration, thinking about a funeral and on to informing organisations of the death and dealing with money matters. The unique feature of this publication is that it gives space for the bereaved to make notes beside the information sections, making this a practical workbook. You can download a colour version of the booklet via this page by clicking here

A number of organisations that already provided their own literature have chosen to use this booklet together with their existing resource because bereaved people have reported finding it so helpful. 

This publication is updated on a regular basis to take account of changes in legislation and other services so please only print what you know you will use in the next few months. 

A5 Flyer 

Gives information about our service and how to contact us. Useful in any context. The colour scheme means this will be clearly visible so can be used on a notice board. Available for download here.

Advance funeral wishes

Allows someone to state their preferences for the conduct of their funeral. This is something often appreciated by bereaved people who are reassured to know they are carrying out the wishes of the person who has died. A written form can often assist in guiding these difficult conversations. Available to download by clicking here. Only available from our website.

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